Xem Skaters


Two days before meeting Marie, I got myself into a bike accident. So I spent a good day at the Rigshospitalet, Hospital - Basically Bleeding and Waiting. Having said this, Thank you real much for the Danes, you made this incident became very special and not as painful as it could be.

Thus when I met Marie, I was limping slightly and this left a good mark to Marie “Jocelyn is kinda clumsy, hey!”. Perhaps of my clumsiness, We become good friends. I always hope that we would come  across again or do a collaboration together.






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Favorite spot: 

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Xem Skaters
Founded in 2015.




Interview And Photographs by Jocelyn Tam
Text by Marie Dabbadie

How long have you been moving from Bordeaux to Northern Europe?


How do you find? What is the big difference in terms of Culture?



How does this Culture impact you personally or even on creative process?




Xem Skaters is a project that you started in 2015? How many issues have you done? 




By doing few issues by now, what have you found out in terms of Gender Notions in Skateboarding Community ?


How do you see the movement? 


One of things that you find fascinating while doing this project?



How to decide “To show or Not to show”.



What is the next plan for Xem-Skaters?










A song that you will use to represent Xem-Skaters?





A Mix Tape From Xem-Skaters to celebration to an open paths for individual identity building within skateboarding.



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