Gregory Conroy


London , UK.

"I have to confess that it has taken me some time to find how to open Čista Zona, but once you’ve opened it, you dive in a complete “Twilight zone”."


Sergej Vutuc




Interview And Photographs by Jocelyn Tam
Text by Marie Dabbadie

Sergej and I were supposed to meet at his Studio at 11am  while he was packing for his trip to Japan for an exhibition the next morning. I am very thankful for the time he took to have this conversation with me.

At the beginning, I sat on the couch, looking around his studio. There were so many zines, books and vinyls on the shelves, prints on the floors, notes on the wall, everything felt like it was a boiling of creativity. First, Sergej was busy organizing prints, numbering, assembling zines. He didn't talk much, we only exchanged a couple of words so that gave me space to feel the atmosphere of his Berliner studio.

15 minutes later, I started the conversation.

Sergj is a straight forward person - he's very open and sharp about his points views on art, music and skateboarding and he doesn't miss an opportunity to challenge your way of thinking (in a good way). He is also a very genuine, open-minded person, with a special sense of humor. I wish I had more time with him.

What is the idea of travelling for you?


With all these places you visited, what is the city that inspires you the most? What was your longest journey? And how does it feel like to be home? Also, where is home now?



Could you describe your creative process? Do you have a routine? How many zines or books do you produce every year?

Where does your inspiration come from?




What are the things “to have” or “not to have”?


How do you keep up with all your ideas? Do you have a notebook or any kind of other medium for spontaneous ideas?



What is the place of Photography in your life and in your work?




And, what is the place of Skateboarding then? How do these two work together?




I noticed a lot of punk influences in your work? How’s the punk culture influencing your work and your life?


Could you name 5 songs that describe how you feel right now?







Aside from Photography and zine-making, you are a musician under the name of  “Heimut”. Would you mind telling us more about Heimut’s identity and the stories behind it?


What are you musical influences?


You seems to use a lot of mediums that requires a lot of learning. What keeps you going?


Could you share one or two significant life stories with us please?