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Skate Create Unknown is a photographic documentary project by Jocelyn Tam

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16 Nov 2015

The Season has changed so as the beats. Here comes : Mixtape / 03 : Sometimes goes right.

Mates, it might be a good idea to find sometime to enjoy the Sunset x

23 Oct 2015

Alive not dead!

I'm now back to Hong Kong, slowly pulling myself together. Also, having new ideas for Skate.Create.Unknown. Stay Tuned for the Portraits Sections!

1 Oct 2015

Bonjour! Yes, I'm now in Paris. Here comes : Mixtape / 02 : Through The Skyline.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do x

24 Sep 2015

These days, I've been taking lots of portraits. Most of the time, it would be the first time that I meet up with her/him. We talk, share stories, have some good laughs in order to get to know each other before I start taking photographs.

And when I photograph, there is always a song or a conversation from friends / movies inside my head. Repeating on its own again and again.

Here is recent portrait that I did - Mary Sweet.

A Song from Beach House Myth.

14 Sep 2015

I went silence for the past 14 days. Basically I got myself into a bike accident then I ended up at the hospital, stitched. It wasn’t nice but I felt alright.

Thank you so much for the Danes, for all your help and kindness. It means so much to me!

Also all the creatives I met in Copenhagen – Polly Bosworth , Mary Sweet & Pasteelo!

Thanks Millions, Copenhagen!!!
In the meanwhile, I am working on the mixtape 02!

31 Aug 2015

Now it's one o'clock in the morning. Counting the days, I've been in Berlin for 15 days! It has been a real good journey!

Thank you so much Tracy Gray from THE/ GIRL/ OF/ STUFF// connecting me to the people in Berlin. Also people from Blam Studio & Place Skateboard Culture ! It has been a real pleasure of meeting all of you guys, sharing your ideas and stories with me. THANK YOU!

For some reasons, Berlin has brought me back to Film. Now I start to shoot film more than digital. I developed 3 rolls of films in here at Fotokotti Reasonable Price, Great Turnouts, Nice people there! You can give it a go if you happen in Berlin!

One more thing is worth mentioning : Helmut Newton Musuem. "To look steadily, intently, and with fixed attention."

shooted this on Film

27 Aug 2015

It has been a chaotic week, so I couldnt have time to write a proper post.

I will write one on this weekend :)

20 Aug 2015

Today is gonna be with a good day!

I'm going to meet up with Daniel Pannemann Editor from Place.TV Spending an afternoon at Neukolln, Kreuzberg ad Tempelhof, its spots and sceneries. It's gonna be exciting!

Music of the day : Traams!

17 Aug 2015


Sunday is a resting day for me. I normally go to exhibitions / musuems to get inspired. It's always good to be away from the computer, mind off from this project, then I have time to think through things.

Today I went to Stedelijk Museum To see "Zero: Let Us Explore the Stars" exhibition, also their premanent collections of modern and contemporary art and design, with 90,000 objects dating from 1870 to now. The most I wanted to see out of 90,000 objects, is the Red and Blue Chair by Gerrit Rietveld.

For those whose know me for a real long time, knowing that I'm obessed with chairs, really obsessed, I almost remember all the chairs from 1950s onwards. I even did a elective course - Furniture Design when I was in uni...

Anyhow, today I finally saw Red and Blue Chair by Gerrit Rietveld. I was so hyped at first but it also came to A BIG WHAT | A BIG WHY | MOMENT ... A BIG WHAT - Chair is caged... A BIG WHY - ain't no space to breath at all... WHY EMOJI ICON...

15 Aug 2015

I miss this four month old bae-Ginette way too much ...

Raining Raining ... Raining in Amsterdam...

11 Aug 2015

Berliner calling!!! I am looking for a place to stay from 24th until 30th August! :)

9 Aug 2015

Homebound is calling!?I was so surprised to Australia Homemade Ice-cream in Belgium and this makes me feel like home!

8 Aug 2015

Today is my last day spending time in Belgium, and also musuem day for me.
Planning to go to museedixelles , Bozar , Centrale-art probably swing by Skatepark Ursilines later ;)

6 Aug 2015

Getting ready to visit Youssef and Bart from Byrrh & Skate

3 Aug 2015

I select 8 – 10 songs every month and here comes :
Mixtape / 01 : This is the beginning.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do x

1 Aug 2015

Take a seat, Have a rest. All Welcome!

P.s I’ve never seen such a long bench ever.

30 Jul 2015

First Stop : Ghent, Belgium

Excited yet very tired... only 1.5 rest from last night. I will write more tomorrow.

26 Jul 2015

I planned to go to Woodingdean Skatepark in Brighton with Eloise Dorr & Esther Wade. And then with this heavy rain, our plan got totally ruined… LIFE

25 Jul 2015

PowerUp with Mr.JH . All the layouts are done and now JH is having his magic again, on coding! Whoop Whoop ☺
On the side, I am working on editing the photos…

24 Jul 2015

We finalized the LOGO, it is definitely time to celebrate!
#timetocelerate #haveabeer #goandkisssomeone

22 Jul 2015

About Tonight : Eliot Sumner show at the Kings Head Dalston this evening ; with FAST Skateboard Wheel Company Classic Longsleeve Tee on, feeling perfect!

Eliot Sumner : North American Tour On An On Tour in August / September 2015

19 Jul 2015

I love you dearly, sweet Promise Hill.

17 Jul 2015

Emm... Totally stuck with designing the Logo... Lord, mercy on me!

13 Jul 2015

Working at Timberyard with Mr.JH

04 Jul 2015

Logo, Mock Up ... Logo ...Mock up ... On Repeat 
Current Mood : SUCCCCCKK

#HappyAmercians #independentday

02 Jul 2015

Discussion with JH (...HappyEmojis... ) 

30 Jun 2015

A day to remember , first time to think about Skate.Create.Unknown. The references I went back that was the course reading at School of Art, looking through the art history & theory : theories, legacies, subversions & etc ... Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Helmet Newton, Robert Mapplethrope...