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Skate Create Unknown is a photographic documentary project by Jocelyn Tam

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Willy Crank

18 Sep 2015

Willy Crank is a Belgian filmmaker and founder of online skate video platform PARTICLELIFE Running his own film production company Double Infinity Films allows him to make a living in order to travel for skateboarding. Not that he needs to go far – he also has a DIY ramp in his backyard. Willy showed us around where he lives, skates and works and opened up his daily life. And it’s not a bad life.

"Sunshine, homies, beer, music plus a perfect mixture of transition and street, all united through skateboards and concrete."

Name Willy Crank. Birthplace Bruges, Belgium. Resides Bruges, Belgium. Stance Regular.
Setup RATATA board / Indy’s / 53mm Spitfire wheels / Andales bearings
Favourite Trick Kickflip and cruising around.
Favourite Spot Since I don’t skate that much street anymore that would be my home park. Entrepot Bruges, 8000 represent! Otherwise I’d say a secret ditch spot we once skated in Lyon, France.
Favourite item to wear I have been wearing a lot of Brixton clothing lately. But other than that, anything that I feel good in. The best denim to me is Levi’s and Stance socks treat my feet well!

Do you remember when was your first time skating?

A kid from class got me a skateboard for my 9th birthday. I tried it but it didn’t really work out and I forgot about it until I was 11. One of my good buddies got me into skating again and I haven’t stopped since, so that’s 16 years ago… Time flies.

What do you do when you're not skating?

I founded a film production company 2 years ago called Double Infinity Films. When I’m not doing anything skate related chances are big I’m out filming or directing a certain project to make a living and be able to travel for skateboarding. It’s hard work, but I’m my own boss and I feel like I’m building something of my own so I couldn’t ask for anything else than more work. When I’m not working I’m making music or meeting up with friends, watching films and shooting analogue photography.

Any good advice you chose to never follow?

“You should become a lawyer…”

What makes you most proud of your work?

The feeling of finishing a certain project I know I’ve put a lot of work and effort in. Also when I’m filming something and the unexpected happens in the form of someone getting a contributing idea to the shot. Or the light changing for the better. 3rd party actions that have an effect on your footage…

What do you enjoy the most when you are creating?

The process itself… That moment where a certain idea ‘clicks’ into place, making you realise your edit, photo or whatever it is you’re trying to create just got so much better.

Who do you admire the most?

My dad and family for being such open minds and hard workers. My close friends who are all killing it in life, each their own way but all equally powerful. Every time someone shares a new gained personal success with me I get this smile on my face.

Hidden talent?

If I tell you it won’t be that hidden anymore haha… If I had to pick one I would choose my ability to listen very well, although people tend to think I talk a lot haha!

What's your obsession?


Photography & Interview by Jocelyn Tam
Edited by Laura Tuppurainen
See WillyCrank’s work at ParticleLife IG: @willycrank