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Skate Create Unknown is a photographic documentary project by Jocelyn Tam

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3 Dec 2015

We just put up a new interview , feat.@2n4sv from Amsterdam! Do check it out & share!

16 Nov 2015

The Season has changed so as the beats. Here comes : Mixtape / 03 : Sometimes goes right.

Mates, it might be a good idea to find sometime to enjoy the Sunset x

23 Oct 2015

Alive not dead!

I'm now back to Hong Kong, slowly pulling myself together. Also, having new ideas for Skate.Create.Unknown. Stay Tuned for the Portraits Sections!

1 Oct 2015

Bonjour! Yes, I'm now in Paris. Here comes : Mixtape / 02 : Through The Skyline.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do x

24 Sep 2015

These days, I've been taking lots of portraits. Most of the time, it would be the first time that I meet up with her/him. We talk, share stories, have some good laughs in order to get to know each other before I start taking photographs.

And when I photograph, there is always a song or a conversation from friends / movies inside my head. Repeating itself again and again.

Here is a recent portrait that I did - Mary Sweet.

A Song from Beach House Myth.

14 Sep 2015

I went silence for the past 14 days. Basically I got myself into a bike accident then I ended up at the hospital, stitched. It wasn’t nice but I felt alright.

Thank you so much for the Danes, for all your help and kindness. It means so much to me!

Also all the creatives – Polly Bosworth , Mary Sweet & Pasteelo!

Thanks Millions, Copenhagen!!!
In the meanwhile, I am working on the mixtape 02!

31 Aug 2015

Now it's one o'clock in the morning. Counting the days, I've been in Berlin for 15 days! It has been a real good journey!

Thank you so much Tracy Gray from THE/ GIRL/ OF/ STUFF// connecting me to the people in Berlin. Also people from Blam Studio & Place Skateboard Culture ! It has been a real pleasure of meeting all of you guys, sharing your ideas and stories with me. THANK YOU!

For some reasons, Berlin has brought me back to Film. Now I start to shoot film more than digital. I developed 3 rolls of films in here at Fotokotti Reasonable Price, Great Turnouts, Nice people there! You can give it a go if you happen in Berlin!

One more thing is worth mentioning : Helmut Newton Musuem. "To look steadily, intently, and with fixed attention."

shooted this on Film

Skate . Create . Unknown is a photographic documentary project by Jocelyn Tam.

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