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Skate Create Unknown is a photographic documentary project by Jocelyn Tam

EMAIL / hello@skatecreateunknown.com
INSTAGRAM / skatecreateunknown
ELSEWHERE / Jocelyn Tam | www.jocelyntam.com
INTERVIEW EDITED BY / Laura Tuppurainen | www.lifesadisco.com
WEBSITE BY / Jason Hung | www.letstakeanap.com


Igniting curiosity and creativity, “Skate. Create. Unknown” is a visual documentation of people who are passionate about skateboarding. Love to create and contribute to the community.

This journey is captured through in-depth conversations, catching details of artistic processes from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds. I document portraits of all people and scenes that I encounter along the way with my Skateboard "Monster" - GIRL X KEVIN LYONS

My Name is Jocelyn Tam
I’m a photographer.
Working between London & Hong Kong.